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Free In Christ: False Teachers

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Chapter 10 of Cecil Hook’s “Free In Christ” is about false teachers (or what we in the church of Christ call them anyway).

We have a tendency to think that any person who is wrong on any point of doctrine is a false teacher.  Cecil Hook didn’t think so and neither do I.

You see, false teacher describes the person’s character and not what they are teaching.  If a person is false than they are a false teacher (even if what they are teaching is true).  Cecil gives 6 examples in the book of people who were false teachers.  These were not people who made honest mistakes, they were people with false motives and evil intent.  These were false teachers.

Cecil also gives examples of people who were sincerely wrong about things but were not false teachers.  The one that comes to my mind is Apollos.  We are specifically told that Apollos taught the Gospel incorrectly until corrected by Priscilla and Aquilla but the idea that he was a false teacher is absurd.  Apollos was mistaken, but not false in the sense that the Scriptures seem to indicate would qualify one as a “false teacher” (there are many other examples given in the book for your review).

We have thrown around the term “false teacher” for far too long at innocent brothers and sisters who had Christ-like hearts.  Sure, some of their theology has been mistaken but they were not false teachers and should never be treated badly for trying to truly understand the Scriptures.

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Written by freeinchrist

May 25, 2010 at 8:00 am