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From The Archives: Local Church or Christian Synagogue?

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[This post is from May 8, 2009.  This was the post where I first started to see the connection between the current institutional assemblies and the Jewish synagogues of the Old Covenant.  This is also one of the first posts to generate comments.  Enjoy.]

Whether we want to admit it or not, what has been called “church” is really just a Christian version of the Jewish synagogue.

The Jews invented the synagogue during the intertestamental period in order to educate the common people in the Scriptures and to handle community business.  The synagogue was not God’s idea and He nowhere tells the Jews to do this.  When Jesus walked the earth, He made it a “custom” to attend these synagogues showing His approval of them as a method of teaching the Scriptures.  Notice that this was Jesus’ “custom” and He did not do this to fulfil the Law of Moses or for righteousness sake.  It was His choice.

This is also true of our local assemblies today (which rightly could be called Christian synagogues).  Christians came up with these assemblies to educate people in the faith and for fellowship (among other reasons).  These were not God’s idea and God never told us to do it.  It is perfectly fine for us to go to these Christian synagogues as a “custom” to learn more about the Scriptures and to have fellowship with other Christians.  We do not go, however, to fulfil any kind of Law or for righteousness sake.  It is our choice.

If many today knew this, they would never set foot in a “church building” and could live holy lives before God without going to “church” for the wrong reasons.  Many people go to “church” because they believe that God will be mad at them (maybe even send them to hell) if they don’t.  This isn’t true!!!!!!

We are justified by grace through faith in Christ Jesus and not by works.  Some have thought that this is primarily about the conversion process, but it really isn’t.  It is about how we relate to God in the New Covenant.  I am not saved by anything that I do, but by what Christ does.  I do not please God by what I do, but by what Christ did on my behalf and I will not be sent to hell for failing to go to “church” because God never told me to go to “church” and even if He did, I am not saved by my obedience, but by His grace.

That’s what is so “good” about the good news!!!!!

We are now free in Christ!!!!

Praise be to God!!!!!


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