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The Book That Will Never Come Out

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I thought I would write a post to tell you that the book series will never actually come out.  This is because it isn’t really good enough to be a book and I refuse to put something out there that isn’t good enough.  Although I totally believe every word I wrote, I don’t think that you should buy that book if it were to come out.  I had to ask myself this question:  Would I be disappointed if I spent money on this book?  and the answer was definetly “yes”.

From the progressive viewpoint the book doesn’t help me in any way.  It doesn’t give me what I need to be able to survive being in the church of Christ when so many are against me.  It really only tells me why what I believe is true.  I already know that.

The traditional side would never read this book to be changed by it.  You can’t be changed by a book if you never read it.  It is more important to try to help someone than to try to change them for your own benefit.  Many in the church of Christ are doing just fine without changing (although there congregations will likely die because of it) and are not interested in following the Spirit instead of the Bible.  The Bible has served them just fine throughout their lives and they aren’t about to change.  If they missed the point, they are ok that they missed it.

I hope to write a book to the traditional church of Christ some day that actually seeks to help them in a way that they may actually want.  They won’t read a book that is all about why they are wrong and why they must change.  This book would try to force them to go to places that they don’t want to go. This is just another form of bondage when I would love to offer them freedom.  That is why the book will never come out.


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April 15, 2010 at 8:00 am

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