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Why We Should Keep The Church Of Christ: Singing

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church-singingI’m working on a chapter for the “book” series dealing with the church of Christ’s restriction of instrumental music but wanted to say that there is something beautiful about church of Christ singing that I hope finds a place in future congregations.

So many assemblies have lost the ability to sing.  This is largely due to the instrument and professional worship leaders. Although there is really nothing wrong with either of these,  they really interfere with the singing of those in the meeting.

I once heard a choir director say to me:  “…of course you can sing, you are a member of the church of Christ”.  I took that as a compliment and I still do.  We have really developed some great singers over the years and I hope the future congregations will continue to develop great musicians for the edification of the Church.

A Capella singing is one of those things that can be done extremely well and very horribly.  I do think that more musical education would benefit our song leaders greatly as long as they don’t end up stealing the singing from the people.

Singing has been one of the great joys of my life and I would hate if we lost it in the transition from old forms to new ones.  The songs of the faith are so important in a Christian’s Spiritual development.  Often,  they preach better than the preacher.


Written by freeinchrist

April 5, 2010 at 8:00 am

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