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Free In Christ: Something Greater Than Law

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Business SchoolIn this chapter, Cecil Hook basically lays out what many have called “The Sabbath Principle”.

Jesus often broke the Sabbath to show that a command should be obeyed only if the reason for the command remains in tact.  Keeping a command for its own sake is not what God wants.  I made this same point in the book series “Roles” where I talked about how we should stop obeying Paul on the role of women because our reason for restricting women is different than his was.

Cecil puts it this way:

Jesus explained, “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.” The
law was made for the good of man. Man was not made to fit arbitrary laws. If, in a
specific instance, our efforts to keep a law hinder or prevent the principles of justice,
mercy, faith, or love, then the higher principle must take precedence. The principle is
greater than the law intended to promote it.
Some may think that Hook is beating a dead horse this being the fourth chapter in the book that specifically deals with following the principle of the law instead of the command, but it is highly important that he do this.  One of the biggest problems in the church of Christ is that we think that we have to obey a command just because it is written in the New Testament.  This is not what we were supposed to do.  Cecil doesn’t talk as much about being led by the Spirit (instead of the Scriptures) as I think is necessary but his points are still very good.
Cecil goes on to explain how “the Sabbath Principle” should be applied to contemporary issues like abortion, “pulling the plug”, and divorce and his solutions show that love should be the ultimate concern in all of these.

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March 24, 2010 at 8:00 am

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