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What Would You Do Next?

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Austin Mennonite Church Fellowship PicnicImagine that you were standing there during Peter’s sermon in Acts 2.  He was telling you about how this Jesus was the Messiah that you had been waiting for your entire life and was using your Bible to prove it.  You were considering the words that he was saying (and the miracle that caused you to check it out) and you realized that it all made sense.  Peter was right; Jesus was the Messiah!!!

What should you do now?  The answer comes back “Repent and be baptized…” and you decide that you will.  You come forward and are baptized.

So, what would you do next?

You then start an organization and invite people to join it.  Later on, you would take the writings of the men who gave the sermon and use them to talk to people about what you think they should do and how you think they should live.  Then you would write some songs and make the people sing them.  You could also serve the people a cracker and some grape juice because the Apostles said something about eating things like this with Jesus and on and on and on……

WAIT!!!!!!!!  This isn’t very likely what you would do if you were at that first sermon on the day of Pentecost and it isn’t what those first Christians did either.  I think that it is more likely that it would look like this:

You would come up out of the water and be rejoicing like crazy.  For the rest of the day you would want to just soak up the atmosphere and maybe help with some of the baptisms.  You would probably run around and try to find other people to hear what these guys were preaching and (if you lived close enough) would probably run home to get your family and friends down there to hear it.  That first day would be one of the greatest of your entire life.

After that, you would try to hear these men teach as much as you could around your hectic work schedule and try to put into practice what they were teaching  in your daily life.  As you listened to their teachings, you would meet others who believed in this Jesus and were trying to follow Him.  As time went on these people would become like family to you because of your common identity in Jesus and the relationships that you had built with them.  They would become your friends and you would be with them as much as possible and share your lives together.  These would be the people that you hang out with on Saturday night and shoot fireworks with on the fourth of July (ok, so I broke the Jewish context a little).  These are the people who throw you a baby shower and bake you a cake on your birthday.

At some point (as all friends do) you would eat dinner at your friends’ house.  After listening to the Apostles, you would know that Christians have some special things they do when they eat together that Jesus did when He ate with them. You would take some bread and pass it around to remember Christ’s body and pass around a glass of wine to remember Christ’s blood.  You would remember these because they are what made your table fellowship possible and the celebration that you share with these friends.

You would do this your whole life.  You would grow with these people.  You would encourage them when they need it, hug them when they need it, pray with them, cry with them, laugh with them, and even kick their butt when they needed it.  You would be a real family in Christ.

This is what the Bible calls Church.  Don’t settle for anything less.


Written by freeinchrist

March 22, 2010 at 8:00 am

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