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Hufford’s Preaching Contract

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This is a part of a post from Darin Hufford’s blog about a contract that he made with the members of a church he had planted about being there preacher.  I wish more preachers would come out and say these things.  I’ve posted this as he wrote it.

A list of my responsibilities as the leader of the
“Plan B” institution
1. I promise that I will give an inspirational teaching once a week that will challenge your thinking and
encourage you in your relationship with the Father.
2. Whatever money you donate for the cost of renting the building we meet in, will be distributed to the
proper agencies. In other words, I will pay the rent with it.
A list of things that I am not responsible for
1. It is not my job to visit your mother in the hospital. She’s your mother; she needs YOU at her bedside, not
me. Your mother doesn’t even know me. If my mother gets put in the hospital I won’t call you to visit her, so
please don’t think that it’s my responsibility to visit your mother. This goes for grandmothers, grandfathers,
brothers, sisters, fathers, aunts, uncles, collage roommates, friends from work and anyone else God has put
in your life.
2. It is not my responsibility to teach your children about God. There are only two people in the world who
will stand before God regarding your children and Him – you and your children. It is your job to introduce
your kids to Him, not mine. If you know God, they will know God.
3. It is not my responsibility to facilitate and organize outreaches. YOU are the outreach! Everywhere you go
when you leave this building, is an outreach. Your life as a Christian is an outreach. We don’t “do”
outreaches, we “are” the outreach.
4. It is not my responsibility to bring a bag of groceries to your neighbor who lost his job and is down on his
luck. Guess who the best person for that job is. That’s right – YOU.
5. It is not my responsibility to have dinner with you at your house. If I had a nickel for every person who
felt I needed to do dinner with them because I preached a sermon, I wouldn’t need to take an offering.
6. It is not my responsibility to call your wayward son or daughter and minister the love of God to them over
the phone. It’s your love they care about, not mine. I won’t have you call my kids if you don’t have me call
7. I will not serve you communion. That’s something YOU were commanded to do in remembrance of Him
and what He did for you when you are having dinner with your friends. I am not a waiter; I’m a teacher.
8. Don’t call me at one in the morning and ask me to pray for your job interview the next day. YOU pray for
your job interview. I’m sleeping at one in the morning and you should be too, especially if you have a job
interview the next day.
9. It is not my job to find friends for you. If you don’t have friends, it’s probably because you are a jerk or
you are in desperate need of a personality makeover. Either way, it is YOUR responsibility to find friends.
10. The people in this room are not obligated to be your friend just because they are Christians. Just because
they should be friendly doesn’t mean they have to be your friend.
11. It is not my responsibility to insure that someone is standing at the door to greet you when you come
into this building. If you need to be greeted, get a dog.
12. It is not my responsibility to make sure that people smile at you and talk to you when you come here to
listen to one of my teachings. You don’t get offended when no one notices you in a crowded elevator or in a
class you take in collage so why should you expect anything different here?
13. It is not my responsibility to “lead you into worship.” Worship is a personal experience between you and
God and if you have to be led in it, there’s a problem.
14. It’s not my responsibility to “lead you in prayer”. You can do that all by yourself, and you need to.
15. It is not my responsibility to provide a “youth pastor” for your teenagers. YOU are the “youth pastor”.
God has chosen YOU to lead and guide them in life.
16. It is not my responsibility to provide something for the single people here to do on the weekends. If you
are single and don’t know what do to on the weekends, you should be ashamed of yourself.
17. It is not my responsibility to teach you how to be married and love your spouse.
18. It is not my responsibility to teach you how to parent your children.
19. It is not my responsibility to teach you how to run your finances.
20. It is not my responsibility to give you money if you are out. Don’t ask me to give some of your money
back to make your bills because you didn’t budget correctly. You paid for the teaching you got. We’re even.
21. When I take an offering at “Plan B” where does it go? It goes to the rental of the building, the cost of the
equipment and what’s left, goes to ME – Not to God – to me. It’s how I support my family. I teach-you pay. If
you want to give to God, go find a hurting person; He brings them to you all the time.
22. It is not my responsibility to be your personal counselor or psychologist. If I do counsel you, you’re going
to pay me the going rate of $175.00 an hour. My advice to you (and this is for free) is that you consult your
“built in Counselor” that God gave you; the Holy Spirit.
23. It is not my responsibility to tell you what God is saying to you. That’s none of my business. If He’s
saying it to you, how could I hear it anyway? It is YOUR responsibility to hear what He says to you.
24. It is not my responsibilitie to give you the answers for your life.
25. It is not my responsibility or anyone else’s in this room to call you if you haven’t shown up for two weeks.
You are all grown-ups. If you like the way I teach and the things I have to say, then show up. You can come
once a week, once every two weeks, once every month or once a year. It’s entirely up to you. All I ask is that
when you do show up, you don’t apologize to me for not being here. Apology not accepted! I never said you
had to be here in the first place. If you felt that you needed this and you didn’t show for several weeks in a
row, apologize to yourself. I’m not angry with you.
26. I am not perfect and I will never pretend to be. I’ll use words that you may not like and I’ll talk about
things that you feel are inappropriate. I drink wine and beer, and I’ve even been known to let a cuss word
slip out every once in awhile. You are not allowed to look to me as an example of what you want to someday
become. If you are let down by something I do or say, it’s your own fault. I am no better than you and will
never put on a show and be on my best behavior just because you are in the room. I need the right to be
human, just as I give you that same right.

Written by freeinchrist

February 13, 2010 at 8:00 am

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