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Figuring Out What This Blog Is

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I feel like I really don’t even know what this blog is. It kinda jumps from being about life outside of a local church to being about issues within the churches of Christ (in which I was raised and am still somewhat involved). You see, it just keeps pulling me back. Sometimes I just want to throw off my heritage in the church of Christ and just forget about it, but the people keep pulling me back in. It’s a part of me and I can’t let it go.

I really feel like there is some things I still need to say to it (although I know that not all of my readers [which are few] are part of the coc] but that there are some things that just apply to the fact that I am a Christian. I hope that all of the coc articles recently haven’t deterred anyone from reading the site because there are probably more to come.

As I’ve mentioned before this blog was named “free in Christ” in honor of a man whose writings helped me to escape legalism and find grace. His name was Cecil Hook (and although I never got the privilege to meet him) and he spoke the gospel of grace in the language that I was able to understand being from the church of Christ tradition.

I almost see this as a personal mission of mine as well. There are many people in the churches of Christ today that are craving freedom but there aren’t enough people out there speaking the message of freedom in Christ in the church of Christ language. It really is different. I had heard these things before but they never rang true until I heard them from Cecil Hook and he directed me to others through his website Freedom’s Ring and through his books (all of which are still available free on the website).

I would feel the same way if I spoke some regional dialect of a far-off country. I would feel compelled to go to that country and talk to them about Jesus. The same is true with me. I speak a Christian dialect that is only familiar to those in churches of Christ and I must speak to them in whatever ways possible about the freedom that is available in Christ. Some may not think it is worth the struggle to try to speak freedom where it isn’t generally accepted but I’m glad that some courageous people in churches of Christ have spoken up and helped me see what has always been true.

I guess I’m still finding out what this blog is but I think it will become more about promoting new ideas in the churches of Christ than in ever has been before. It’s strange how things go full circle. When I started this blog over a year ago I was only writing about church of Christ stuff and then went totally away from it in writing about organic church and now I’m back where I started. Oh well. I’m sure the journey has been worth it. I have no clue what I’m going to write (although I would still expect some critiques of religion and general Christian things). Let’s see…..


Written by freeinchrist

February 12, 2010 at 8:00 am

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