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Questioning Declared Bad

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I just heard yet another sermon on why questioning traditional interpretations is the same as questioning the scriptures.

This one concerned the creation account in Genesis 1 and why a person must believe in 6 day creation or deny the truth of scripture.

After skimming through the alternatives, this preacher decided that if you believed the bible was true you just had to believe as he did.

Here are the problems I had with this.

1. He didn’t explain how a person was denying the truth of the bible by believing the alternatives.

2. He did not distinguish between literal and figurative truth. If the author didn’t intend the reader to take something literally, then it is only true when taken figuratively. When Jesus said that He was a sheep He did not intend for us to believe that He was man, God, and a sheep. He was using a metaphor.

3. The preacher had not done enough research on the topic to be discussing it. He didn’t even mention the literary framework view that is likely the strongest of the views.

This sermon upset me because it validated a teaching that I believe to be wrong and fueled the fire of a hot button issue to a congregation that had not done the research to properly discuss the issue.


Written by freeinchrist

January 12, 2010 at 8:00 am

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