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Reimagining Church: Denominations

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In this chapter of Frank Viola’s “Reimagining Church”, he discusses the topic of denominational covering. This is the idea that Christians are safer from heresy if they are part of a denomination. I won’t say much about this because the denomination that I grew up in was more autonomous than many.

Even though this is true, I still saw the same idea in the church of Christ. I saw people that would only read things published by certain publishers, churches, preachers, and schools (all connected with the church of Christ of course).

This is the same thing as being a denomination (which they adamantly deny) and the same false concept that a Christian needs to be covered by someone else to be safe from heresy. People in denominations are more likely to adopt heresy than people that are not. When a heresy is adopted by a denomination it is forced upon all of the members. This spreads the lie more than it would be spread without the denomination.

Regardless of whether a person will fall into heresy, the Christian is supposed to be led by the Spirit, not other people.


Written by freeinchrist

December 22, 2009 at 8:00 am

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