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The “Dangerous” Doctrine of the Spirit

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Many people think that it is dangerous to live being led by the Spirit but I think that it is actually better than being led by the Scriptures.

The Scriptures were never meant to lead anyone. They were written to point you to Christ who could give you His Spirit to lead you. You see, Jesus wants to lead you Himself. He wants to teach you Himself. He wants to write His law on your heart (not in a book or in your head). He wants to be the Shepherd of His people.

When we get this, all the issues in Christianity are cast in a different light. All of the problems we face, all the things we can’t figure out become much easier. No, we don’t come to know everything in one moment but we know that we have the Answer in our hearts and we now know where to look.

The only challenge is learning to follow that Spirit. We have been so conditioned to follow the letter that the Spirit is actually foreign to us. How sad that the Church of Jesus Christ has got so wrapped up in dogma that she lost her heart.

Forget the dogma. The truth is in your heart. Follow it.


Written by freeinchrist

December 21, 2009 at 8:00 am

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