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Reimagining Church: Decision Making

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In this chapter of Reimagining Church, Frank Viola talks about how a church should make decisions. He argues for the consensual model as being most inline with the theology of the Scriptures. I like how he connects consensual decision making with the way that the Father, Son, and Spirit mutually submit to one another. If I recall, Alexander Campbell (for all my readers in the Restoration Movement) took a similar view believing that the entire church should agree before a decision is made.

The only question that I have is really the same one that I’ve had the whole time. Would a truly organic church even have decisions to make? We are part of the one church. Do all Christians everywhere have to be consulted before something is done? It seems that Frank Viola is saying that consensual decisions have to be made in every “house church”. But isn’t that saying that we are members of churches under the Church? Also, what if a “house church” decided consensually to buy a building or have a pastor. Would that be ok? I don’t get it. It all seems inconsistent.

While I am enjoying this book and see the value of listening to what others think before deciding what to do in the Christian life, I still don’t get how Viola is separating membership in the body of Christ into local communities. I know that most people view it this way, but it seems inconsistent for Viola when compared to the rest of his teaching.

FTC NOTICE: I received a free copy of this book for review from Present Testimony Ministry.


Written by freeinchrist

December 14, 2009 at 8:00 am

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