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Wish I’d Seen It

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I was recently reading Luke chapter 1 where Elizabeth, Mary, and Zachariah all just start bursting into song in the Holy Spirit and a thought came into my mind that has never come when reading this part of Scripture.

“I wish I had been there for that”

I have often thought this about Christ’s resurrection or the Spirit falling on the Apostles in Acts 2 but never about this part.

Wouldn’t it be something to see these people jumping around, dancing, and just glorifying God in the Spirit. Now another thought comes to mind:

“Why haven’t I ever seen this before?”

Shouldn’t I have. Although this moment was certainly special, shouldn’t Christians have some times where we are overwhelmed by the Spirit and just break out in rejoicing. Maybe we are missing out on something because we manufacture “worship services” instead of just praising God for what He does in our lives.


Written by freeinchrist

December 9, 2009 at 8:00 am

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