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God And 1 Corinthians 13: God Is Not Self-Seeking

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So far, this is the best chapter in Darin Hufford’s “The Misunderstood God” (you can link to this book by clicking on “Store” at the top of the page) and I wish that I could just get up in the pulpit of every church in America and just read this chapter to them.

Hufford starts with an incredibly moving story about the day that his dad left their family that really almost brought me to tears.

The chapter is about that if God is love and love is not self-seeking than God cannot be self-seeking. The problem is, nearly every church in the world says that God is self-seeking and people will consider you orthodox for teaching exactly that.

There is no way that I could possibly quote everything that is golden in this chapter. I really wish I could just post the whole chapter because I think it is vitally important that we read this often and let it really sink in. God isn’t selfish. He doesn’t just care about His own will and glory. God is your Father and He is the perfect Father and always acts accordingly. He doesn’t want to use you as a pawn in His game. He loves you and wants you to enjoy life, be happy, and have the best life possible. God gave us the entire world (literally) and we screwed it up. That didn’t phase Him though. He picked up the pieces, took our death for us, and is working to heal us in every way. He doesn’t hate you because you sin, He hates sin (that is why He destroyed it). He looks at you like His beloved child because that is what you are.

My favorite quote from the chapter is:

The mere thought of [the idea that God wants to “use me”] implies that God would rather have a whore than a wife

So true.

This book is the kind of book that will change many lives.


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