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God and 1 Corinthians 13: God Does Not Boast

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I have to let Darin Hufford’s words speak for themselves on this one.  I could not have put it any better.  This quote really hit me.

Imagine if a man broke into my home and was planning on killing my wife and children, but I convinced him to take my life instead of theirs.  If he let them escape and then proceeded to take me into a back room and film himself torturing me for hours until finally taking my life, do you think I would ever want my family to see that videotape?  Absolutely not!  I would want them to remember my life and my love for them.  There is nothing inside me that would ever want them to view the pain I underwent to save their lives.  That would break their hearts.  This is how God feels when we reenact the Stations of the Cross in an effort to riddle people with guilt and condemnation.  It doesn’t motivate; it exasperates.  This is not what love desires

Why are so many people more excited about the Crucifixion than they are about the Resurrection?  God never boasts about what He went through to reconcile you to Him.  The account of the Crucifixion lasts only a few sentences in the Bible, but the result of the Resurrection is seen throughout the entire New Testament.  God does not boast about the Cross; He downplays it, and He rejoices in the possibilities of relationship with you today because of the Resurrection.

Don’t ever feel that you have to repay God for the suffering He went through for you.  This was a gift to you! Anytime we attempt to repay someone for a gift they gave us, we are diminishing the gift.  An attempt to repay someone for a gift is really a rejection of that gift.  You’ll never know how much it cost to see your sin upon the cross because God removed the price tag from the gift before He gave it to you.  Just receive it and go on.  It’s free.  Boasters always expect repayment, and they make sure everyone knows what their gifts cost them.  God is not this way.  He never boasts!

Darin Hufford  The Misunderstood God p. 67-68


Written by freeinchrist

November 1, 2009 at 8:00 am

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