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Genesis: Sister

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Abraham and Issac both did something in Scripture that has received criticism from many commentators.  They both claimed that their wives were their sisters to save their own lives.  Countless times I have read authors that criticized them for this deception stating that they both were liars and should have told the truth.  The Scriptures don’t look at it this way though.  Genesis never condemns Abraham or Issac for doing this and seems to show it as an example of the craftiness of the two men.  The Bible seems to praise the men for this move, not condemn them.

This is because it is not meant as a lie (in Abraham’s case, Sarah really was his sister).  The two men were not trying to bring God’s wrath upon their enemies in this move, they were trying to ensure that they would gain safe passage through the land.  They also had their wives in on the plot and they were both ok with it (or so it would seem).  These examples are given of how smart thinking can lead to safety.

When you read about this “lie” in Genesis, realize that the Bible praises this instead of condemns it.


Written by freeinchrist

August 11, 2009 at 2:03 pm

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