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Genesis: Creation

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I would only really like to say a few things about the creation story. I don’t seek here to give a complete interpretation but only to point out something that many seem to miss.

The fact is, their is not only one creation story; their are two. One is in Genesis 1 and one is in Genesis 2. I do think that this is a key to interpreting both stories. They are not the same. Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are both true but they seem to contradict. Working this out could bring to life answers to the debates that we have never thought of before.

We have young earth and old earth and a few other views of what happened in Genesis 1, but few take into account the narrative of Genesis 2. We must learn to read them together so that we can get a picture of what each is trying to say individually. As we do this, our ideas of the creation may change and new wisdom may come to light.

As you read Genesis 1 and 2, think about the narratives separately and then begin to try to fit them together. Learn as much as you can about where, why, when, and to whom they were written and draw out their bigger themes. You may just find that many should not be as sure of their positions as they are.


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